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Introduction of Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights

About Us

The Taiwan Alliance for LGBTQ+ Rights was established in 2009 and officially registered in 2012. We are a gender rights organization committed to promoting legal and policy reforms. Our goal is to challenge the social oppression caused by the binary gender framework and to ensure equal rights for individuals of diverse genders, sexual orientations, and gender identities.

The initial purpose of the Alliance was to advocate for equal marriage rights. We proposed a set of laws encompassing marriage equality, partnership recognition, and family recognition, known as the Three Laws for Diverse Families. In 2017, we achieved a significant milestone when the Constitutional Court issued Interpretation No. 748, leading Taiwan to become the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage in 2019. Four years later, in 2023, Taiwan opened up cross-border same-sex marriage recognition to countries other than China. In addition to marriage equality, the Alliance continues to fight for transgender rights through influential legal cases. In 2021, we achieved victory in the "Xiao E" case, which eliminated the requirement for gender-affirming surgery, and we have won several workplace discrimination cases involving transgender individuals.


Key Focus Areas of the Alliance:

➊ Taiwan-China Same-Sex Marriage: We continue to advocate for cross-border recognition of same-sex marriages between Taiwan and China through impactful legal cases. We actively cooperate with the government to provide assistance in individual cases.

➋ Transgender Rights: Through litigation and policy advocacy, we seek to eliminate the mandatory surgery requirement for gender marker changes. We also advocate for the inclusion of hormone therapy in national healthcare coverage and work on educating society about transgender issues.

➌ Anti-Discrimination: We advocate for anti-discrimination legislation and offer legal consultation services to assist the LGBTQI+ community members who have experienced discrimination.

➍ Diverse Family Rights: We persistently advocate for diverse family structures. The Alliance also pushes for the application of marital presumption for same-sex spouses, inclusion of artificial reproduction options for lesbian and single women, and the establishment of a surrogacy system.

➎ Human Rights Updates: We stay updated on the latest developments in gender rights both domestically and internationally. We share this information with our partners in Taiwan through social media, seminars, and other forms of communication.

➏ Capacity Building: Every year, we systematically cultivate new talents in the field of gender rights through camps, book clubs, and training groups.


Organization Milestones (Top 5):

➊ Successful Constitutional Challenge for Marriage Equality: The Alliance's efforts led to Taiwan becoming the first Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage in 2019.

➋ Victory in the "Xiao E" Case: The court ruled that the mandatory surgery requirement for gender marker changes was unconstitutional.

➌ Cross-Border Same-Sex Marriage Recognition: After winning five cases and four appeals for cross-border same-sex marriage recognition, the Executive Yuan issued a letter of interpretation to address the issue.

➍ "Not-Just-Law" Lecture Series: The Alliance has been hosting the "Not-Just-Law" lecture series for six years, inviting the public to engage in critical discussions on gender-related legal matters.

➎ Free Legal Consultation Services: The Alliance has provided free legal consultation services to 291 LGBTQIA+ individuals to date.


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